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I CAN'T CALM DOWN! If you're a parent there's a good chance one of your little heavens has yelled this at one point or another, and if you're like any normal human being you were probably frustrated at the jump. You probably told them to breathe or to "just calm down" or try to take a walk. As adults with fully formed frontal lobes, we often forget that children do not have all the tools and experience we have to regulate our bodies and we get frustrated. Well, Charisse is here to tell you to keep CALLLM. C-A-L-L-L-M. Listen in to hear just what this acronym stands for and how it can help you in those moments when your children are just having a blowout. We know every child is different and develops the tools they need to regulate at different speeds, so this is just as much as a tool to help you all out as parents as it is to try to help your little ones too!
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