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Access is Empowerment

Akina is revolutionizing how Black women are connected and resourced through technology and community. We are building a first-in-class member media technology company.
Our platform aims to break down barriers and provide opportunities for Black women to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Our goal is to create a space where Black women can connect with
each other, access valuable resources, and feel empowered to pursue their passions and goals.
We believe that access is empowerment.

Ask Akina AI

In today’s interconnected world, a culturally competent AI tool has become imperative for fostering inclusivity and equitable access to technology. Ask Akina recognizes the diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and values of Black women by understanding the nuances of language, customs, and social norms. Have a question? Ask Akina- your culturally competent AI assistant right at your fingertips!


Expand your professional and social network, foster new relationships, and connect with colleagues and mentors across industries. Join in-person and virtual events or connect via the Akina App.

Empowerment Hub

Discover an empowering hub designed for Black women to thrive no matter where you are in your journey. At Akina, you can find or create a supportive community who understands and uplifts you.

Events and meetups

Attend regular in-person and/or virtual events designed to empower and encourage your journey. Events will include social and professional networking opportunities, seminars, workshops, and Masterclasses taught by experts across industries.

Culture Club Perks

Culture Club Perks is an exclusive initiative for Black women to discover unique savings on a curated range of goods and services from local to national partners who contribute to an inclusive economy dedicated to diversity and excellence.

Entrepreneurship/Career Development

Find practical advice, success stories, and expert insights to fuel your entrepreneurial and career journey.
Connect & Collaborate
Join a vibrant community of Black women, network, and collaborate with fellow trailblazers.
Access toolkits, guides, and exclusive content to stay informed and empowered.
Celebrate Black women who’ve excelled in entrepreneurship and career growth.
Meet with executive and professional development coaches in small groups regularly to help you elevate in your leadership and career journey


Discover expert advice and resources for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being from pregnancy and beyond.
Community Connection
Connect with fellow Black mothers, share experiences, and find support on your wellness journey.
Access expert seminars, blogs, and concise guides covering nutrition, fitness, and mental health for informed maternal choices.
Join monthly small group meetings taught by maternal health experts such as doulas, midwives, physicians, nurses and more!

Mental Health

Explore expert articles on mental health, tailored to the unique experiences of Black women.
Community Connection
Join a supportive community, share stories, and find strength in the journey with fellow Black women.
Access culturally sensitive tools and practices to prioritize your mental well-being.
Discover concise guides covering mental health topics for informed self-care and growth.
Access monthly small group sessions designed to be a safe place to discuss mental health and wellness and learn new strategies to live a better life

EmpowerHer Perks

We’ve secured exclusive pricing with local and national retailers in a robust preferred vendor database. We’re always building our Preferred Vendor List, so keep checking back for new exclusive retailers!

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