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Children are Tiny Humans Not Tiny Adults

You remember that moment before you had children when you pictured the group pictures in the matching outfits? Or the take your kid to work day? Or that moment where they would do all the cute things together? And now you're here with your seven year old screaming and hitting a punching bag because they feel like it and you're wondering what's wrong with them? Why are they like this? Now, you bought the child the punching bag to do exactly this, but you know YOU wouldn't do this. So why would this tiny version of you do it? And that's the problem. Children are NOT tiny adults. They're tiny humans. Too often we forget that children are still in fact children and we get frustrated with them for simply doing what children do. Today Charisse breaks down how to recognize when we as parents aren't giving our children space to be children, and what to do when they need help with regulation.
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