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It’s Time for Mariah!!!

Whether you love Mariah Carey as much as the mamas do, we hope you can appreciate the transformative experience Ashley, Melanie, Felicia, and Codie had seeing The Queen of Christmas together at the Hollywood Bowl. Special shoutout to Ashley who made it all happen! Today, we recap the experience, discuss the value of friendships, old and new, and the impact music has on us and our inner children. Plus, Melanie opens up about an emotional experience she had with her mom at the concert...you might need some tissues for that one! So Mama's Den Village, how has music impacted your inner child and inner teenager? Do you have a specific Mariah story you want to share with us? Get in on the conversation and let us know over at podcasts@blacklove.com OR you can fill out our form. PLUS you can always submit a DM over @themamasdenpodcast
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