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Love, Healing and Friendships

Let’s be honest Village, life can be hard. But understanding our own emotions and verbalizing how we're feeling can make some days a lot less difficult. In this episode, the Mamas discuss their perspectives on learning about themselves through their children, how they show their emotions in different situations, and how their astrological chart comes into play with who they are. The Mamas also dive deep into navigating friendships through different growth paths. And we can’t forget to shout out Ashely and her husband, Chea, as they celebrate their 8-year wedding anniversary! Mama’s Den Village, can you relate to any of the discussions we had in this episode? If so, let us know over at podcasts@blacklove.com OR you can Fill out our form. PLUS you can always submit a DM over at @themamasdenpodcast Make sure you connect with our Mamas Ashley - @watermeloneggrolls Codie - @codieco Felicia - @felicialatour Melanie - @melaniefiona ======== Join us for the 2023 Black Love Summit! You’ve rocked with us from LA to Atlanta and beyond, and guess what? We’re coming back to ATL for our 6th anniversary!!365 days a year, we celebrate Black Love and joy via our socials, podcasts, and the BL+ app. Now, get ready to soak up the vibes in person – imagine a whole day of community, chats that’ll light up your brain, a dope #Blackowned marketplace, and some specially curated moments we have never done before! October 21st is your time to groove with Black Loooove! 🖤❤️ Jump over to BLACKLOVE.COM/SUMMIT now and grab your tickets. As always, our community is the cornerstone of our content and we continue to want to connect with you! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @blacklove and you can send us an email at podcasts@blacklove.com. BLACK LOVE, INC. is the premier Black-owned & operated media company for celebrating 360 degrees of Black Love. Connect with us: @blacklove on Instagram @blacklove on Threads @blacklovedoc on Facebook @blacklovedoc on X
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