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Parenting is a Processing Job

Charisse has been fielding all the questions lately about her absence and we hear you! Like all parents, she had to juggle all the things: a spouse out of town, children in three different parts of the city, and coordinating with a babysitter and look, things did not go as planned. One of Charisse's little heavens did the babysitter DIRTY yall, like ran her out of the house with tears in her eyes dirty. And Charisse felt like the worst parent, the worst educator, and questioned this whole gentle parenting thing. But the truth of it is, there was a reason why her child was acting this way AND gentle parenting was not the cause. Sometimes we all need a moment to process what is going on. As adults, it is much easier than it is as tiny humans because we understand self regulation. Listen in as Charisse shares what processing looked like for her in this moment, what you can do as a parent when you feel like you're at the end of your rope, and how you can help your children learn how to process their very big feelings in a productive manner.
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