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Reregulating our Dysregulated Children

Children only know what they know. Take, for instance, that time you made them turn the TV off and they said "you're mean!" Then, when they were at the dinner table they told you that making them eat broccoli is mean. Now that you think about it, at school the other day, they told a classmate that the other kid in their play group was mean because they had a toy that your child wanted to play with right then and there. Here's the thing, chances are they don't actually think ANY of it was mean in the way that we as adults can process what mean actually means. However our little ones do not have the brain development that we do, and when they are yelling, or using hurtful language it can be hard to remember that! That's where today's episode comes in. Charisse has tips on how to regulate your little ones when they need help communicating what's going on with the. Plus, she shares gems on how to recenter ourselves when we are getting frustrated and need some support to keep on the gentle parenting journey.
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