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What’s the Deal with Conscious Parenting with Charisse Sims

Gentle parenting, conscious parenting, patient parenting... we've all heard the terms but honestly, we're not too sure what the difference is. We just know that we're out here trying to break those generational traumatic bonds that we had to deal with growing up. We know a lot of y'all have been asking us about gentle parenting and where to start so we brought in our gentle parenting expert Charisse Sims! Charisse is an educator, PBS Early Learning Champion, and a mama of six so she knows a thing or two about raising kids. Charisse is all about conscious parenting, and if you don't know what that is, her podcast Parenting for the Culture is a good place to start! The Mamas and Charisse get into what exactly gentle parenting is, how we can set boundaries with our children, and how we ALL struggle with trying to do better than our parents did it.
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